80% of the products we offer our guests at Narköy are our own, featuring sumptuous breakfasts, traditional meals made of certified organic products, and an array of flavors cooked in our experimental kitchen.

You will always be able to see and try how and where the products you eat and drink at Narköy have been produced. Should you wish, you can even learn how to produce them yourself. You may visit www.narciftligi.net to see the products grown on our farm.


With a 50-person indoor capacity and a 20-person outdoor capacity, our restaurant awaits you for all your breakfast and dining events.

For reservation: +90 262 561 25 25

Examples from the Breakfast Menu

Seasonal organic tomato varieties

Cold press olive oil from the Aegean, flavored with our herbal spices

Homemade olives from the Aegean

Seasonal organic fresh cucumbers and peppers

Homemade cheese and butter

Blackberry and tomato jams

Plum marmalade

Seasonal peanut butter with honey and watermelon molasses

Seasonal watermelon molasses with tahini

Homemade organic breads

Organic eggs

Homemade mince pies and pastries, cookies and an array of baking delights

Coffee, organic black tea and herbal teas

Examples from the Lunch and Diner Menu

Nar Mom’s special homemade crispy-noodles-and-yogurt recipe

Rice with seafood, organic wheat and bulghur rice

Vegetable patties prepared with organic vegetables

Vegetarian and meat stews

A variety of olive oil vegetable dishes

Seasonal wild oat salads (hot or cold)

Seasonal grain and vegetable salad varieties

Organic pizza varieties for children