Narköy is an educationally focused facility founded and providing service as a modern farm and hotel. With its 14 rooms, family and group lodging units, nomad tents, a restaurant featuring organic farm meals, indoor and outdoor classrooms, organic agricultural farming, and a magnificent forest abundant with nature’s delights, Narköy makes it possible to take part in a variety of trainings, activities and workshops, enjoy a holiday with your loved ones in the heart of nature, or to work and move projects forward with colleagues, far from the tumult of the city.

What’s going on here?

Narköy’s door is open to all who wish to spend time in and contribute to nature. We are here for you whether you’d like to attend our trainings, to experience farm life, or to spend time in the heart of nature.


Narköy is a homegrown, contemporary center for life and learning which is respectful of its geography, given shape in accordance with nature’s standards and possibilities. With an architectural ethic that embodies the “think global, act local” philosophy, Narköy has been designed on the basis of lessons learned from, making use of, and contributing to nature. Narköy’s architectural sense is based on one of sustainable energy, its structures built from a low carbon-footprint, cold steel system, using recycled and natural materials at every step of the way.  Its edible landscaping is an important part of this system.

Training and Workshops

The Nar Training and Consultancy Center provides training and consultancy services to corporate firms, as well as to individuals (including NLP and Anxiety & Stress Management) in accordance with the clients’ objectives. In addition, Narköy conducts a wide variety of workshops, ranging from cheese- and bread-making, to mindful ways of being present in nature.